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Tue, Sep. 1st, 2009, 08:53 am
docbee: You can help my cartoon become the next FOX animated SERIES!!!

YOU can HELP local cartoonist J.D. Larabee get his cartoon on FOX just like The Simpsons and Family Guy! NO JOKE!!! Viewing and voting for his cartoon ("Trouble In-Store") in the FOX/ANIBOOM Holiday Cartoon Competition could mean his cartoon will be the next FOX animation hit!

Just Go to (type symbols and lettering EXACTLY as shown):


View it, Give it a 5 STAR rating, and the show is on its way to be the next big FOX animated series!!! Tell your friends, tell your family... TELL THE WORLD!!!

The series started as a comic strip printed here in small Ohio newspapers. And it has evolved!!! Support is appreciated!!!