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Central Ohio Author Events

Author readings, signings, and publication announcements for Central Ohio

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If you're a Central Ohio reader or writer, have you ever discovered you just missed an appearance by one of your favorite authors at a regional bookstore or convention? Ever wonder where to find or post announcements of readings or book signings? Ever wonder what the most author-friendly bookstores in Central Ohio are?

If so, you've come to the right place.

This community is for announcements of author readings and signings in the Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Yellow Springs, and Springfield areas of Ohio. It's also for authors who live in those areas to announce new publications.

A secondary purpose of this community is to give authors a place to discuss reading/signing venues and organizing readings and signings.

Authors of any style or genre are welcome to make their announcements here.

This community is intended to foster an open, friendly atmosphere. Flaming, baiting, trolling, condescending lit snobbery, etc. will get deleted.

Wildly off-topic posts or spam will also get deleted.

If you post a long entry, or a large graphic like the scan of a book cover, please put it behind an LJ cut.

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